Windows 8.1 - Corrupt Files, How do I Remove/Delete?

Hey guys and sorry for the bad title I honestly didnt know how to say it haha. Anyways a while ago I had a virus on my PC it was a Google add on that basically made my PC really slow and ads everywhere it was something dragon cant remember the name ANYWAYS, I saved some of my files did a clean install of windows and put what I needed back on here and started fresh but ever since then my PC just hasen't felt the same as in performance. Long story short I was doing research on how to fix stuttering/fps drops/freezing etc (b/c it kept happening on games like BF4 and CS:GO) on Windows and ran across someone who said to do a scan in CMD, so I did and It found some corrupted files and it couldn't remove them. What do I do with it? I have done Disc Defrag, Clean Disc Drive and I use CCleaner once a week. Heres a picture for you guys to see: .
The file color text is blue even when I dont click on it, kind of strange never seen it before, Do I simply just delete the folder and emtpy my recycling bin? Please help.

i5 4670k @ Stock
8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro Ram @ 1866 9-10-924 @ 1.5v
gtx770 OC Edition
1TB WD Caviar Black
750w Power Supply
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    The file in 'blue' is the output file from it, open it with NOTEPAD and see what couldn't be done? Probably and OPEN DLL. It is large and it is updated daily as well. Look for ERROR in it. That will tell you what is wrong.
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