GA 990XA UD3 temp problem

Hello everyone.

I have mobo GA-990XA-UD3 rev 3.0, wtih FX-8350 overclocked to 4.3GHz. I have known problem with VRM throttling. First i did put a 8cm fan to blow to VRM(, and it did solve the problem, but it was too noisy. So i tried to make my own VRM heatsink. And this is what i made ( Unfortunately it did not work. I was just like stock heatsink. Prime95 with small FFT test was going about 4 minutes before motherboard started to throttle.

I was back to square one. Then i found an old AMD heatsink and i cut it, made it bigger than stock and put it on VRM( Put Blademaster on CPU heatsink, and Xtra Flo on back of the case. So i thought it would help. But it was the same as the stock heatsink and the my previous heatsink. After about 4 minutes, CPU starts to throttle down to 1,5 GHz.

Then i noticed extremely hot south bridge even in idle. It is so hot that i can't even touch it for 1 second. It burns my fingers. My readings of temperature are obviously wrong, because it is saying in EasyTune6, that temp is 44 celsius. So my question is, could hot south bridge cause throttling? I beleive that the 8cm fan that was cooling down VRM was also cooling down the south bridge.

P.S. Mobo was throttling even at stock speed, and throttling usually starts when CPU reaches 55-57 degrees celsius. Throttling occures only in prime95. While playing BF4, i do not experience throttling.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Put the stock heatsink back on and see if you can use a 100 or 120mm fan at a lower RPM to reduce the noise while still getting the same amount of cfm's. If you are using a tower cooler this is likely the reason the VRM's and chipsets are getting hot. Tower coolers don't allow for much if any air to blow down onto the board like the down draft or "top down" coolers do. For boards with this problem, which are generally lower tier motherboards, some people have needed to get a top shelf top down style heatsink and fan. You might even want to go with a water cooler on the cpu to clear up the inside of the case and allow for you to fabricate a fan mount for a large fan to be mounted above the board blowing down.
  2. Thank you for the answer. I do have tower cooler for cpu, as shown on pictures.
    I did manage my problem by adding one silent 8cm fan on top of the VRM heatsink like on first picture, and moded my side of case for adding one 12cm fan to blow fresh air on the back of the MOSFET. It seems like it has solved the problem.
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