Powerline adapter vs Wifi bridge

As title indicated, anyone have experienced with these two options please give me some inputs.

The situation is I'm using Cable Broadband internet which is at the room outside of my room. The internet goes through modem then to a router and give wifi of course. However, I do prefer having an Ethernet wire connect straight from the router to my desktop (it's impossible to wire a long wire without crossing doors and other areas. I came across two options while search for solution which are
"Powerline adapter and Wifi Bridge"

Anyone have any ideas which one will be a better and more reliable option (closest to having Ethernel plugged in)

Another question is: my wifi is actually fine (great signal and full promised speed) but I'm not sure if its the router or the wifi adapter that I'm using, sometimes the internet cup off for couple seconds then get back up as if the router restarted itself (the time internet cut off is faster than when I manually reboot my router through the website). So my question is, will doing any of the two options up there prevent this or provide any benefits over my current setup?
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    First it depends how much speed you are going to need. Obviously nothing will come close to a gig ethernet cable that can send 1g and receive 1g at the same time. Then again most people do not have 1g internet connections.

    If you are in a fairly low interference WiFi you can get 500m total up/down with 802.11ac. Powerline you tend to get less than 200 total up/down. The big problem with wireless is everyone seems to have piles of wireless routers in their house. You get massive interference from the neighbors and sometime even your own devices. It is very unpredictable what type of performance you are going to get since people walking though the room will change the signal patterns. Powerline is slower but tends to be more predictable. This is why people that stream video or play games prefer powerline since it deliver stable performance which is important to those applications where the bit torrent guys only care about raw speed so wireless is a much better choice since bit torrent tollerates errors very well.

    The only other warning is there are some houses powerline just completely refuses to work in, it is rare but it is worth purchasing from a place you can return them if it doesn't work.

    Now that said using a bridge instead of your current wireless will likely make no difference at all. It would only help if you could for example run a ethernet cable part of the way and in effect put your wireless nic closer to the router.
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