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Does anybody know of a website where i can order a custom built laptop without have to customize one that a website made?
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  1. Not sure what ya mean .... websites present a working build and let you edit it as many users wouldn't necessarily know what was needed orn what is compatible.

    I have bought a dozen or so there

    All customizable lappies start out with a "base build" .... you add or improve what ya want.
  2. I don't think there is such a website but in case there is It's not very popular, check xoticpc, sagernotebook and cyberpowerpc, you may find a good deal in any of these websites
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    Three sites come to mind.

    All three sell laptops that you can configure to your needs. I personally went with Xidax for my laptop build, and it's freaking amazing. Plus I managed to get a 3yr warrantee upgrade for free.
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