A 1080p gaming monitor under $150?

hi guys, i currently a have a 1024x768 resolution monitor.. in which i its really hard to see things in game and a bit laggy.. since im building a gaming computer i planned on buying a 1080p quality monitor in which i can enjoy bf4, and call of duty without have to see the line lagg thingyy..

SO. it will really be helllpful.. if anyone can recommend it a gaming monitor under $150... and also THANK YOU :)
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  1. Blaise170 said:

    after reviewing this monitor most.. people suggested not ot buy this monitor if you are a high end it kind of shock me out since the monitor's trailer was so impressive.. If you dond mind can you recommend me a good monitor with higher price but equal to or less than $150.. and by the way thank you so much for answering me.. ;)
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  3. bananacue said:

    thank you so much.. finally found a ips monitor under budget.. thanks again ;)
  4. bananacue said:

    How does the VS247HR compare? I can't access the other varieties, and need to know if this is any good.
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