Best 750w PSU for 100 or less

I've been looking for a power supply with flat cables, all flat cables 24pin included. Something similar to this
I'm curious are there any other power supplys with cables similar to this? I'm going to do a new case setup soon and as I plan to get a new psu anyways, I would like to have all flat cables like this model has. Can you suggest any other models of psu that have cables like this? Thanks.

I was planning on a flat cable psu, but once I found red sleeved cable extenders for pretty cheap from silverstone I figured scratch that idea of flat cables and go for a 750w so I can CFX my 7870 soon as I plan to get a new z87 mobo and i5.
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  1. Rosewill Hive. 650Watt. It is also a good PSU.
  2. Why don't you get that one? The 550, 650 and 700 are on tier 2a of
  3. Why don't you get that one? The 550, 650 and 700 are on tier 2a of
    I do plan on getting it, just looking for other suggestions.
  4. Bump for new question

    I noticed the Corsair RM 750 is a fairly cheap option, just curious of any other better options for the price?
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  6. I can get an XFX pro series 850 for 120$ on ncix, I think I'll go for that.
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