r9 270x drivers installed but not working

I recently installed a new r9 270x into my system. As i dont have internet currently, i download and transfer them with my phone. I went through the installer and all that from the amd website, and it says its succesfully installed, yet it still says generic vga device and i cannot set a reasonable resolution.
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  1. Monitor cable connected to the card?
  2. Yes it is. If it werent i wouldnt have been able to install drivers
  3. Try updating the drivers in device manager.
  4. Right Click On "My Computer" Select "Properties" and then open "Device Manager". Expand "Display Adapters" and post a print screen in order to check i out!
  5. Rolli i already tried that and ill post that screenshot soon. Im only gonna capture what i can actually see. And ive also already tried every res. change.
  6. Disable onboard graphics thru BIOS. Also, make sure its driver is uninstalled and use only 14.4 or later AMD - display drivers.

    If it didn't work, remove the card from the slot and insert it back again. Hope you know the proper way of inserting the graphics card.

    If the problem persists even after following the above steps, then the card might have lost its life yet it is a brand new. Exchange it for a new working one.

    Update : I bought a brand new R9 270X MSI 4 GB few days ago and unfortunately, it didn't work since the beginning. I returned the card and had full refund.
  7. theres the print screen
  8. Ok ill try those mostwanted
  9. MrBlindman99 said:
    Rolli i already tried that and ill post that screenshot soon. Im only gonna capture what i can actually see. And ive also already tried every res. change.

    MrBlindman99 said:
    Ok ill try those mostwanted

    I cant see your print screen!
  10. Suspected Reasons:

    1. Faulty Card

    2. Improper seating into the slot

    3. Setting the INITIAL DISPLAY OUTPUT in BIOS as IGFX. (Here, you must choose necessary PCI slot where you have inserted the card and disable board's graphics)

    Note: In your screenshot, the VGA shows exclamatory mark which means you didn't install any board graphic drivers. Most probably, you don't need to bother about it when disabling the on-board one.
  11. Ok well i tryed reseating it. Im going to try a couple more drivers then next restart ill see if i can choose the pci slot. And i have an fx-4130 so no onboard graphics for me (i shouldve said that earlier sorry)
  12. couple more display drivers? Lol, What does it mean? Just use 14.4, nothing else. And set Initial Display Output to PCI 1 if card is at pci x16 and PCI 2 if card is at pci x4.

    I recommend PCI 1, so have the card inside x16 slot.
  13. Well i have win vista 32 bit and my friend told me try win 7 drivers and see if it works so im checking.
  14. Oh, vista 32 bit!.

    Then, the compatible driver is 13.12

    Download it only from here. And do not install any win 7 compatible drivers, it will mess up your PC.
  15. Does having .net framework 4.5.1 work instead of framework 4?
  16. It will work. And why do you worry about that, OP? AMD drivers come with all sorts of things in one package. It is like ALL-IN-ONE.
  17. Sometimes stuff isnt backwards compatable. But i cant find the initial display output in bios. I have an msi 970a-g46 if that helps.
  18. Then Load Optimized Defaults in BIOS right away (after inserting the graphics card). That should work.
  19. Ok i loaded up optimized and it still says standard vga adapter. Device status: this device cannot start. (Code 10). Im going to do the driver you sent me the link to now
  20. Its doing the same thing as the beginning. It says drivers and catalyst installed from the installer, but the driver doesnt seem to work correctly and my comp still detects as standard vga adapter. I tried update driver and i selected the file and it says the driver software has already been installed.
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    The problem must be either on motherboard slot (hardly happens) or graphics card. Consult a hardware technician to overhaul the card
  22. Ok. Thank you
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