Which GTX 770 is the best?

I have currently come between two different video cards for my pc upgrade.
The other one is MSI GTX 770 Gaming
It seems to have higher clock speeds than ASUS:

Still the question remains: Which one is better? Also would like to hear any experiences you've had with these cards. Buying also an FX-8350 with these cards so it shouldn't bottleneck.
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  1. From what I have heard Asus are the best manufacturer for Nvidia GPU and that is true. I have also heard that MSI Twin Frozr has affect many problems for the users. But to choose between manufacturers, the man in difference is the clock speed but isn't too significant to me. So to choose is just your own preference.

    I plan to get an Asus 770 if you see in my signature. No it shouldn't bottleneck at all in fact it is a great loadout.
  2. Hello
    Just before Christmas last year I also had to decide between the MSI and the ASUS version of the GTX770 for my new gaming rig. I had considered many different brand including MSI, EVGA and ASUS and was confused about which way to go.
    After hours and hours of research I bought the ASUS 770 due to a few reasons.
    -ASUS are in my opinion the highest quality graphics cards on the market, they are reliable, well designed and Look great
    It has now been nearly a year of using my ASUS 770 and i am still very pleased with performance. The card is beautiful and plays nearly all games on ultra at 1080p including Battlefield 4 and even modded skyrim.
    I had originally planned to overclock the asus card as that is what it is geared more towards with its back plate and stock clock speed; however there is just no need as the card handles games extremely well.
    I have also heard that MSI cards are great quality and perform well and from lots of other rigs I have looked at on the internet the MSI one seems to be very popular
    I do however Recommend the ASUS card over the MSI as it looks great in my Rig is nice and quiet, cool and performs well. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. mcmastertroll said:
    This one as joeteoh99 said asus makes the nvidia gpu's so go with this :

    The poseidon 770 is much more expensive than the regular ASUS GTX 770 and not worth it for the claimed 10% performance increase.
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    There is no reason to get a premium Gtx 770.
    Infact any gtx 770 will do. But I would suggest you to go with either ASUS direct CUII, MSI TF or EVGA.
    These brands are the best, but I would personally go for the MSI since it's the cheapest.
  5. Thanks everyone for the answers and I was too quick with this thread! Checked the size of that Asus and realized it is WAY too big for my case. While MSI will go in there just fine. But anyways thanks for all the great answers :).
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