Will my Gaming Rig be solid for the next 3 years?

Hey Guys! I'm just wondering whether my Gaming Rig will be solid for another 3 - Possible 3 1/2 Years? My budget is around £500, excluding any Peripherals and Case. Also please tell me if you have a similar PC to this? I would love to hear how it is with Games such as Battlefied 4/Hardline, Minecraft with Shaders? Or any other FPS games?

My PC Specs:
CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition 4.0GHz (Will be Overclocking to possibly 4.5GHz)
GPU: Gigabyte Windforce 3x R9 280x Rev 2.0
RAM: G.Skill 8GN DDR3 (Heard that DDR4 has been released)
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 (Evo?) R2.0
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    Yes DDR4 has been released from some manufacturers. Hurray!

    I predict the computer will be able to play the latest games for at least 4 years. And when it reaches maybe the third or forth year, then you may need to play on high not ultra or medium not high.

    Why I say this and what's my evidence?
    Well it's not so much of proof but my friends have a PC from 3 years ago. They both have a 7790 and manage to play high and ultra on Battlefield 4 without a sweat on at least 50+FPS.
  2. Thanks again Joeteoh99 :) Awesome Forumer!
  3. What mobo you got?
  4. Sorry for not including my Motherboard... My Motherboard is the ASUS M5A97 (Maybe EVO) R2.0
  5. And you really think DDR4 ram will work with it?
  6. Lol No... I didn't say that I wanted DDR4 RAM on it, I was just asking whether DDR4 was out :3 Sorry for any confusion :)
  7. Gee and I thought it was "I'm just wondering whether my Gaming Rig will be solid for another 3 - Possible 3 1/2 Years?" wtf?
  8. I have an FX-8150 @ 4.2 GHz and its already failing to hold up on the more CPU heavy games. An 8350 is better, but not that much better. I highly doubt that it'll hold up for years to come.
    Your graphics card will fare much better though.
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