Low FPS in Far Cry 3

I Updated my system yesterday. My Specs are:
Intel I5-4440 on Asus H-97 Plus board.
Adata 1600 8gb Ram
Saphire Dual-X R9 280x.
WD Green HDD.
I dont have Dual channel Ram or An SSD.So i wanted to check system performance.

Installed Far Cry 3 and Got these results:
FPS during CutScenes:30-32 Stable
FPS in Gameworld Freerun:40-42 Stable
FPS inside Houses: 50-55 Stable
FPS when i look up at sky:60-64 Stable

In game Settings:

Resolution : 1920x1080
AA: 8X
Video quality : all set to max(high and very high).
V sync: OFF
Please tell me if this is good or bad for my system specs?

In game monitoring said GPU working at 99%, 66 C Temp.
one of the processor cores was working at 80% others were like 5,15,25.

Please tell me if this is normal for my specs. all answers and opinions are appreciated.
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  1. Apparently my Video Setting is "Very high" and not max which is "ultra".
  2. Best answer
    Looks about right to me, couple of points, though.
    AMD cards don't like AA too much, turn it down to 4X for an instant and significant frame rate boost.
    Turn Alpha to coverage down a notch (reduces vegetation density a little) along with shadows for another useful frame rate boost.
    If you're getting 'surging' when running or driving (runs smooth for a moment, becomes choppy for a moment, goes smooth again...and so on) grab RadeonPro, install it then:
    Start RadeonPro, in the main window click on the little green cross at the top to start a new profile, navigate to the game .EXE file and click that, once the profile is registered, click on it to select it and go to the 'Tweaks' tab, check 'Dyamic framerate control' and set a number in the box to its right, I suggest 50 to start but whatever you select is needs to be the MINIMUM you've seen in game, setting it higher will cause the surging to return if the frame rate dips below your chosen threshold.
  3. I turned Down AA to 4 and Alpha to coverage to off, but increased my settings to Ultra and right now i am getting between 50 and 60 during free roam and missions even during combat.
    The Cut Scenes are different and i thing its a game thing cause the fps is on the dot 60 if there are no people in the scene and 30 when there are npc s in the scene.

    but my real concern is that my graphics card is at 97% most of the time and even 99%. Does that mean it is bottlenecking the cpu? or is it the other way around?.Please shed some light on this too..
  4. Looks stunning at those settings, doesn't it? Even though I've finished the game I often go for a walk in the jungle or by the beach, just to enjoy the scenery. :)
    Get the same thing during the cutscenes.
    Any bottleneck will be small, but yes, it's likely the CPU is being slightly held back, but it's not worth worrying about, certainly not worth upgrading to a GTX780 or R9 290 to 'cure' it.
    BTW, you can turn the Alpha to coverage up a bit.
    And don't forget that AMD cards don't particularly like AA.
  5. Either the CPU or GPU is always going to bottleneck - that's a fact. One will always be stronger than the other, even in cases where the difference is small. The GPU maxing before the CPU is desirable, as that means the more expensive and more relevant component (the video card) is performing as well as it can.

    Far Cry 3 uses a deferred rendering engine. Antialiasing is not naturally compatible with those, but Ubsioft forced some in anyway. Like all deferred rendering engines (Unreal 3 Engine, Cry Engine 3, Dunia 2 Engine, etc...), AA is a massive performance hit (for very little visual improvement) and is responsible for 90% of people's performance problems with the game.
  6. Thanks coozie7 and Rationale. Selected a solution based on first question.

    The game is stunning now, i have completed this game but with a e2180 processor and 4gb ram. i am goin to get watchdogs, battlefeild 4 and gta V when it comes out.:D
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