xfx R9 280x or asus r9 280?

I m buying new gaming pc, I cant decide wich one is better xfx 280x or asus non x version. I have rode that xfx has alot of issues overheating, incompability etc. So should I take the risk and get xfx r9 280x or play it safe and get asus r9 280? (And here 280 is 185€ and 280x is 249€) Quick answer will be much appriciated. :)
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  1. Go for the XFX! It doesn't have issues with overheating, not sure where you heard that. XFX make one of if not the best 280Xs. :)
    The Asus 280 is a great card too, but the XFX will perform better at around the same temperature, and it looks really nice too.
  2. According to everything I've read, reviews, vids etc. the Asus r9 280 does not suffer from gpu whine or have any of the other issues that can sometimes plague the 'x' cards. Also it is very overclock able and can easily reach the same speeds/performance of the 'x' when using programs such as MSI Afterburner. It's also cheaper, looks better and runs cooler imho. I'd go with the Asus.
  3. Eh, the Asus won't run cooler. And there in no guarantee that you could OC a 280 to the performance of a 280X.
    The 280X can also be OCed to outperform a GTX 770, usually. :)
    That is a very big price difference though. I'd personally go for the Asus because of this, but the XFX is the better card. :)
    there is couple of users saying that it has issues, I:??: I hope it isnt common on xfx, planning to order my parts tonight :)
  5. They aren't common, but they are possible. If you do have any issues, you'll be sent a new one anyway. :)
  6. Simple 280X will outperform 280. I have 2 x 7950 from XFX that run well below the thermal limit for the cards. It is just a matter of how much money you want to spend.
  7. Performance is relative. Most users have a standard 60Hz 1080p monitor. Doesn't matter much that a 280x is well capable of 100+ fps in more than a few games and the 280 is @6 frames behind. Only a benchmark junkie counting fps will tell the difference. Even on max settings on the most demanding games, a person couldn't tell the difference between 35 fps and 30 fps. The 280 is the better value.
  8. Thank you for your answers they are really helpful for me :) I dont have spesific budget for my pc I m just wondering is it worh it to spend 60€ over 280 to 280x? or use that 60€ to cpu cooler/fans.

    Thanks for the quick responses :)
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    Pcguyfin said:
    Thank you for your answers they are really helpful for me :) I dont have spesific budget for my pc I m just wondering is it worh it to spend 60€ over 280 to 280x? or use that 60€ to cpu cooler/fans.

    Thanks for the quick responses :)

    Price performance ratio and the 280 would make sense if the money can be spent elsewhere or saved. Really if you are not strict on budget and you want more powerful gaming PC the 280X will give better performance but if the money saved gives you a better CPU for example then back to what is acceptable. The 280 is a good card with good 1080P performance but the final say is yours where you spend your money.
  10. I ended up getting this setup
    Nochtua NH-D14
    AsRock B85 pro4
    r9 280 asus
    seagate barracuda 1tb
    Fractal arc midi r2
    asus Dwd player
    Hyperx fury 2x4gb
    600w cx v2

    all this was total 890€, I m happy with this setup. Any toughts of it?
  11. Looks good to me I would have gone with a higher quality PSU than the CX which should do fine.
  12. You have an overclock able cpu on a non overclockable motherboard. Unless the 4690k is cheaper than the 4690, you are better off either owing to a 'z' board, or keeping the B and using a 4690 non k version.

    Just be sure that Kingston memory is 1.5v not the 1.65v version, or you'll have throttling problems at the very least as Haswell cpus do not play well with higher voltage memory unless it has the speed to compensate, as in 2400+.

    I'd take an XFX 550 over a Corsair CX anyday. The CX use substandard capacitors on the secondary output stage, so tend to be unreliable when pushed and does not really suit the pc in general. The psu needs to be the strongest link in a pc, not the weakest.
  13. I have done some research and apparaently asrock has updated their B an H motherboards bios so that overclocking is possible on those too, there is some videos about it in youtube

    And about the Psu, I had that same PSU iny last build and didnt have any problems withit also two of my friends have it too they are good withit aswell. Their pc's are about an 1year old so maybe it is crap when used for much longer time. I made some fast google searching about it and it got good reviews, only reason I took cx 600 over xfx500 is because cs is 80bronze certified and asus PSU calculator showed that minium psu for this kind of build is 550 and I wanted to be sure.

    And for the ram, maybe I have to change them to something else else after I know what throtteling in this case.
  14. As far as I know, the updated Bios for overclocking on 'B' and 'H' boards only applies to the Pentium G3258 which is a 53w TDP CPU. Z boards are built to withstand the higher voltage/current draw from overclocked higher wattage cpu's, and I don't believe that H or B are, but being such a low power, dual core cpu, the G3258 won't pull the 100w+ those boards are rated for. A Z board is built to handle 200w+
  15. There is a video uploaded by Asrock (I think) where he overclocks i7 4770k or 3770k with an B or H board cant remember right now, it also says in the video title that asrock will enable "non-z oc" mode wich enables oc on B85 And H boards.

    This is the video I m talking about:
    And yes my ram is 1.5v
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