Guy's is this overclock stable on my ASUS EAH5770 v2 ( AMD 5770 HD )

Guy's i just overclockd my ASUS EAH5770 v2

but what do you think Guy's its now like on can it be higher ?

GPU clock : 975 MHz
memory clock: 1400 MHz

loadded 45 celcius
mybe higher if i do like a longer test on AMD catalyst center

so my question is can it mybe higher i need like more performance becaurse
ther is coming a game The Crew and i just can not play it say's game-debate

so plz help me whit a anwser
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  1. Download Unigine Heaven and FurMark. Run those for a while, it's stable if it doesn't crash. If it's stable, you can overclock further. If not, try turning up the voltage.
  2. im now downloading it and look whats gona happen
  3. i have did the test ist working but on the second time mij graphic card freezes
    and second time whit freeze ther wher 6,9 frames lowest 30,4 highest

    so if its freeze i must drop down the overclock numbers ?
  4. Either drop down the frequency or add more voltage.
  5. how to add more voltage becaurse i now overcloking it whit AMD catalyst center
    if i whant to chance must i do it in the BIOS or wher ?
  6. Try using the latest beta of MSI afterburner.
  7. i whill try it but whats like a avrage GPU voltage whitout damage
  8. I'd say anything that doesn't take your temps above 80C is fine.
  9. but if its gona freeze what need i to do than lower the clock speeds or raise the voltage ?
  10. Best answer
    Just raise the voltage. If it gets too hot, lower the speeds and lower the voltage.
  11. oke thx for help mybe i can play after the overclock that game The Crew
  12. Happy to help :)
  13. 1 little question more its now stable on:

    <B <B love it

    but i have now like catalyst and msi afterburn msi after burn is working good but can i now like deinstall
    afterburn becarse it have save the voltage or must i close it becaurse if ther are running togher its going from




    so what can i do
  14. I wouldn't uninstall Afterburner since your overclocking profile is saved on it.
  15. you know this is atleast a world best overclock on a ASUS EAH5770 v2 if i can raise my memeory to 1445
    like alot of poeple can't get it higher than like 960/1445 on this card and i know i can get it on
    ( i can see evrybody say's stop on 960/1445 than it gets unstable )

    1000/1445 i know its very high for a 850/1200 stock card but if i look to that banchmark program what you sayd to
    me i can see some difference but i dont whant to destroy my card its now on

    1000/1350 voltage 1200 so my voltage is pritty low but that 1200 voltage is just like a beta test and
    my fan speed on 50 procent sometimes if it gets heetit up i put speed on 60 to 75 but i have whit 1 game normally
    30-25 fps now like 35-50
  16. Wow, that's a pretty nice improvement.
  17. i know but its like a INSAME overclock if you look to stock stats and my stats ( 1000/1350 )
    this card is like from 2008/2009/2007 i don't know and the stats are now looking like that from
    a new expansif graphic card new cards are like running around 900/1300 950/1325

    so im pritty happy whit your help to help me overclock and i just have overclcock my intel core Q6600 to 2,5 becaurce
    i dont need higher now becaurse i get in 2 days my QX6850 for a cheap price
  18. The QX6850 is a pretty good CPU even by today's standards, so it should help you quite a bit.
  19. yea i know its a performance upgrade if you look to my Q6600 what i now have
    the next thing i need to upgrade on my pc is 4x2 gb cheap ram i hope i can play whit that
    overclock the game The Crew and Call of Duty Advanced warfare
    this pc i have buyd for 175 euro its really cheap

    i got like
    motherboard Asus p5w deluxe
    power supply corsair 750 watt
    windows 7 64 bit ultimate cracked
    graphic card asus eah5770
    processor q6600
    1 tb 2 samsung 10000 rpm 120 gb
    1 samsung 7500 rpm 680 gb
    and a nice prosser cooler
    case antec 900

    so i love this pc for the 175 euro i have payd for it
  20. That's a great build for 175€ :)
  21. its not new i have buyd it from marktplace like a ebay for the Netherlands
    sho yea im 13 year old and love overclocking in free time so im spreading alot
    of messages to ask what is the max it can like whitout unstable or data craches

    but i like your profile you have so lot anwsers and solutionz
  22. sorry this is my last qeustion
    is this good enough C:\Users\Antec\Desktop\gewoon\Unigine_Heaven_Benchmark_4.0_20140826_0841.html
    click on the link so this are the stats now my lowest on high before overclock whas 3-4 fps and lag
    now i gat nothing more whit lag my fan speed is now 60 % and i have finish the test whit a temp of 63 Celsius
    and ther is no black screen so i think i have finish my INSAME overclcok or not what to you think my

    max clock speed can be 1200 now on 1000
    memory speed can be 1445 now 1350
    voltage now 1275 can be 1300 ( i think )
    fan speed 60 % can be 100% but i dont go like above 75%
    becaurse i dont whant to make this card crazy
  23. You need to upload the file to the internet (imgur, tinypic, etc), that picture is on your hard drive.
  24. Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0



    Min FPS:

    Max FPS:


    Windows 7 (build 7601, Service Pack 1) 64bit

    CPU model:
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (2524MHz) x4

    GPU model:
    ASUS EAH5770 Series 8.861.0.0 (1024MB) x1



    1360x768 8xAA fullscreen




    i can set that that i have on high on extreem but i have it on high
  25. Wow, that's pretty good for a HD 5770.
  26. thx i know im like a beginning overclocker so about 2-3 days i get watercooling for my cpu
    my cpu cooling is like destroyd becaurse my new QX6850 have let shudown my cooling so i send it back wher i have buyd it and overclock my q6600 i know if i have watercooling its must easy get 3.0-3.2 ghz

    or can evry 1 like overclock to this stats ?
  27. Dunno, I've rarely seen people overclocking the GPU. It's impressive nonetheless.
  28. yea i do it becaurse ther are coming like no new socket 775 processors so a ddr3,motherboard-proseccor
    is pritty expensif for me as 13 year old boy i get like 7,50 euro for my work evry 1 week so that my solotion
    to play games that i just like need a little more performance

    but my graphic card is now like a new nvidia graphic card
    its now on
    1000/1400 <B just upgrade it from 1350 to 1400 and its stable voltage 1300 my heat is now like 33 Celsius on normal intenet and youtube and other stuff like that fan speed 66 % so i think i don't know what you think but i think
    thid is a graphic card beast if you compare it now versus other cards from that build year if i look to the stats is like so fast as a nvidia titan if you look to the 1000/1400 if you just like to that not graphic and shaders so its still stable i whill try it to get so high as i get but plz if yuo see on inthernet on 1200/1445 its like exploding or somthing you can send it to
    me so i not go to high
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