Keyboard Failure on boot-up

Yesterday my computer restarted randomly and ever since it continues to say keyboard failure press f1 or f2- obviously I can't press anything....

I bought this computer off e-bay not even 2 months ago (optiplex gx620, 2g ram, samsung 80g hard drive)- it had windows xp originally but I was immediately having issues since day one with missing drivers and the keyboard and mouse I bought for it brand new was having some connection issues innitially. I also noticed every time I put a new app on the computer the registry keys would rearrange themselves until finally I got the black screen of death.
I found out I had an unmounted volume which I lost all my files and documents.

I had to reformat the hard drive and install a new operating system, this time windows 7 . everything was fine until the keyboard failure. Any suggestions?
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  1. You say you installed windows 7.
    Windows 7 is very good at picking up hardware devices and choosing the drivers it needs.

    But if you have problems with it still.
    Then you should install all of the drivers for the motherboard used in the optiplex system you bought.
    It maybe that the chipset drivers windows chose do not fully work with the board.
    The system is quiet old, and I have to say I think Dell only made drivers for it up to windows XP.

    If the back of the tower where all the ports are, have the old style Ps2 mouse and keyboard connectors try a ps2 keyboard in the ports provided.

    If using a usb keyboard.
    You can buy a Usb to ps2 adapter from most computer shops.
    Now once you get it working, you have to enter the bios of the optiplex.
    And in there will be some options for usb.
    There should be one of enable or detect usb legacy devices. Set it to on or enabled.
    Save the settings in the bios before exiting.
    If you connect the keyboard via usb.
    It will then be detected and all the keys will work.
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    There should be an option in BIOS where you can select stop on all but keyboard failures, the only problem is you need an older PS/2 keyboard to get into the BIOS to do it, I'm pretty sure they fixed this on newer motherboards when we moved to using USB keyboards more.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses :)
    Yes I installed Windows 7 after the black screen of death, Microsoft stopped support for XP and I had any driver issues since the beginning so I upgraded and it was working fine until the other night. All the parts should be rather new in the computer or at least remodeled and refurbished so it is a type of driver issue im assuming. But Im unble to do anything without assess to the keyboard.

    There is no ps2 sockrt, only 4 usb ports.
    I tried taking the cmos battery out and replacing it. Nothings worked. Im defenitely going to try and possibly return this machine for another one because its been a headache since I bought it ,after issue upon issue upon issue, I dont inderstand.

    To top it off Microsoft doesnt support XP, this machine (which is quite popular) isnt completely compatabile with Windows 7 or 8 mainly because of Dell not updating drivers . The hardware within the machine is pretty fierce enough to withstand even windows 8 along with an updated video card., yet Dell refuses to update drivers to a fairly popular machine. Its very frustrating.
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