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Does the msi h81-p33 motherboard support the i5 4590/4690 ? Does it need a BIOS update? How is such an update done and what are the requirements to perform it ?
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    Yes it requires an update. For a Devil Canyon CPU, you will be either a H97 for locked CPU or a Z97 for unlocked CPU.

    To perform a BIOS update is usually at your own risk because something could happen like rendering any program's.
  2. ^^ It should work with the DC 4690K though I would not use it with the DC 4790K if you are at all thinking about that, if so then you will want a beefier board since that will be outside of spec for the board because of the higher TDP ( especially if you are thinking about OC at all ) I personally would go for H97 as well for DC
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