Computer Freezes after Sleep Mode: Trying to Wake Up

My new build has had this problem since day 1.

It will freeze when trying to wake-up from sleep mode.
I turned off hard-disk sleep mode after "x" amount of minutes. But every now and then, I accidently click on sleep mode from the settings tab (instead of power off), then I have to reset the tower, and re-set-up my entire UEFI. Annoying, right?

My build has an SSD. 840PRO. I've heard this is common. Any solutions?

MoBo: AsRock 970 PRO3
RAM: 16GB G.Skills 1600
SSD: 840PRO 120GB
HD: 1TB Blue Caviar
GPU: Asus HD Radeon 7770 2GB
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  1. common bios bugg. Nothing to do except for disabling the feature and hope for bios fix
  2. having the issue also its normally caused by a driver issue. try updating. mine i caued bye incorrectly updateing window maulary duing that windows 8.1 update that caused issues a few months back.
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