PC started locking up out of the blue and now BSOD a week later KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Ndu.sys

My computer started locking up around august 18th/2014 out of no where, and recently today I got a BSOD, it occurs every few hours or less.

Built my computer about 7 months ago, worked fine up until now.

My PC randomly freezes completely and suddenly. Task manager wont open and I have to reset it, however even after reset it takes forever to boot and it goes straight to the UEFI and not to Windows, even if I exit the UEFI it won't boot into Windows 8.1 until I shut it off completely then turn it back on. My M4 64g SSD (Windows Drive) doesn't show up in the boot menu but does in device manager/my computer, however this is not a new thing. (I suspected the SSD might be failing) The freezing started after having my computer off for 5 days (it's never been shut off for more than a day or two). I can think of no other unusual things I might have done or changed.

So far I have tried...

* Resetting the BIOS overclocks to "default" (although they have been stable)

* Running memtest86 for a period of 5 hours with no errors.

* Running MSI Kombuster burn-in-test for about half an hour. (This was happening while playing Battlefield 4 (I thought it might be the game/GPU) but it happens even while watching VLC or browsing Firefox and Chrome on their own. (Didn't crash) *It happens when idle as well.

* Freeing up space in the Windows SSD. (It had less than 1GB, now it has 18GB and the problem still occurs.)

* Checked all temperatures of CPU/GPU/Drives/Mobo, nothing is overheating. Under GPU stress test.

* Did a complete Malware removal thanks to the guys at the techspot malware forum because of a minor infection (some petty virtually harmless adware) which I now am pretty was not the cause of the crashes and recent BSOD.

It doesn't lag or give warnings it just locks up.
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  1. What CPU temps?

    Tried a System Restore?

    Done a Checkdisk on your OS drive? And virus scan? eg Avast, Malwarebytes

    All your devices working properly in Control Panel, Device Manager?

    Made any hardware or software changes lately?
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    hmmm, have you tried installing windows on a different drive? from my past experience it sounds like a hardware issue. hopefully we can single out the culprit but it is going to take some time.

    1st i would try installing windows on a different drive.

    if you still have no luck i would try running just one ram module, then if the error occurs again, swap it out and try the other one.

    if it still doesn't help try removing the gpu & run onboard gpu.

    after this stage if you still have not had any improvement, you are going to need spare parts to test. i.e motherboard, cpu & PSU.

    i would first try the PSU, then swap the motherboard. the cpu is probably fine because you can still get into windows sometimes so it seems to be working.

    in order to isolate the problem you need to take out all parts that are not necessary for the computer to just turn on, and slowly replace the parts one by one until you are able to re-create the error. Twice in my experience it has been the ram. what made it worse was after i discovered it was the ram, i bought a brand new module (identical to the outgoing one) and the new module was faulty too! so i went through this process many many times, but i was able to sort it out eventually, at relatively low cost to myself. it was just VERY frustrating, especially when my pc was only a few months old.
  3. i7Baby said:
    What CPU temps?

    CPU temps are at 35 Idle using an h100i, they don't spike or anything crashes occur even when idle

    Tried a System Restore? I deleted them to make room because I though the crashes were caused by my SSD being too full (prior to BSOD)

    Done a Checkdisk on your OS drive? And virus scan? eg Avast, Malwarebytes I did a Malware/Virus removal with help from a forum. I had a small adware PUP I don't think that was the cause. I'll try a chkdsk on the windows SSD

    All your devices working properly in Control Panel, Device Manager? Yes according to Device manger.

    Made any hardware or software changes lately? None
  4. I lost my windows 8.1 disk and my Product Key wont work using their create a disk/usb tool or whatever I quadruple checked it and the key is right and it's a genuine windows copy. Could I maybe try something like FreeBSD or linux just to leave it run on overnight and see if it crashes? Or will those not crash on say memory errors if that is the cause. I would prefer to run windows... if i could download an iso and use my product key on installation it could work.
  5. Start into Safe Mode (F8) and do a Computer Repair.

    If that doesn't work, do a Restore to Last Known Good Configuration -
  6. oh no! the key should be on the packaging the disc came on? if you bought it online, go to this site

    you will have to give them a call, with your details & the credit card you bought it on & they will send you the details.

    I think you can download the iso from microsoft's website. also i think windows 8.1 is tied to your microsoft account, so if you log into the ms store with your computers sign in, you may find it there.
  7. oh, you can download an iso off of a torrent site, but you will only be able to use it for a few days until you verify it, but it may give you the time you need to sort out the problem...
  8. I guess I'll have to torrent it since my computer wont run long enough for the direct iso download. Im trying my second set of RAM sticks but im assuming it has to do with missing files. Where can I find a safe torrent download?
  9. i7Baby said:
    Start into Safe Mode (F8) and do a Computer Repair.

    If that doesn't work, do a Restore to Last Known Good Configuration -

    Im trying my second set of memory sticks to see first (it still crashed after i took them out)
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