How do I check how much Memory I have?

I recently got a card of Memory from a friend and I'm not sure how much memory it has. My friend doesn't know as he threw out the packaging it came in. I searched for the model but there was no search results. On the back of the card it says [0:08] with a box around it in small writing does that mean 8 GB or is that just something random. Anything would be great!

P.S. I only have a HP all in one computer and I'm looking to build a computer so I can't use anything to test it.
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    There should be a label on it saying its model and frequency... If he tear it just plug the memory in your motherboard and you'll see it in my computer specs if it's compatible with your motherboard :)
  2. There is a sticker on it that says: HYM064PC100A0012013 is that the model? No other numbers..
  3. That should be the model yes but I can't find it on the internet... It must have been very outdated memory... you can put it in your motherboard you can't mess anything up but i guess its like 512 or 256MB RAM xd so your motherboard probably will not support it either
  4. Yea it's from 1998 XD
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