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I will have my first water cooler for my cpu in a motnh or so ( I am planing to overclock too ) , and I would like to know where is the best place to mount a corsair h60 in a corsair obsidian 450d , as well as whats the best way to plug it in ( I only have 2 mobo fan headers , adiitional stuff will be pluged to the psu via addaptors ) .

Thanks for the help !
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  1. you can either put the radiator at the rear end set the fan over the radiator which will push the hot air through the radiator outwards or at the top the same way.
  2. I could use some more information :3
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    I have an H60 myself and I'd recommend putting it in the back above the expansion slots. Set it up so that it takes in air from outside the case and blows it into the radiator. Make sure your airflow is good, preferably by putting one or more exhaust fans in the top of the case.
    This way the radiator will get cold air. The rest of the case will get slightly hotter air but that's really not a problem with good airflow. It's worth it to better cool the CPU.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, for even better performance (which the H60 will need for overclocking...) consider buying 2 aftermarket 120mm fans and set them up in push-pull.
  4. I could use some more information :3[/quotemsg

    well the mounting should look like this ..if u get another pull fan..
  5. Thank you both for the info :) also , Can i plug the pupm into a molex to fan header , and as for the fan ( i cant afford more fans 0 i've heard that it should be pluged into the cpu fan header , is that correct ?
  6. * pump
    sorry for the typos
  7. The pump will simply plug into the CPU_FAN header. It should have a Y-split so you can plug the fan into the same header. The Y-split might also be on the fan's cord, I'm not sure.
  8. I've heard that before , it is said that a y-splitter can fry your mobo , is that true ? if it's not can i do the same with my case fans ? i mean can i plug 4 fans to 2 mobo fan headers by that way PLUS the h60' pump and fan into the cpu fan header ( that way 5 fans and the pump willl get power from 3 headers ) ?
  9. I've never heard of Y-splitters frying anything. It's working fine for me.

    You can technically chain Y-splitters to the moon and back and all fans will be controlled through that single header, but at some point a single header won't be able to supply enough power to all the fans. However, Swiftech for example has a special 12-way Y-splitter that also has a Molex power connector to alleviate that issue.
    For 2 or 3 fans you probably won't need that though. Just try it, if you notice that your fans are not spinning consistently or fast enough then you can always rewire, it won't hurt your fans or the header.
  10. You mean 2 or 3 fans to the one splitter ?
  11. Yes, 2 or 3 fans using Y-splitters to connect to one header should be no problem ;)
  12. Wow thats awesome ! And I can also CONTROL the fans that way ... :D
    BTW ( nooob question ) will they adjust rpm automatically according to my system temp ? That'd be great !
  13. Yep, if you plugged the pump into a molex adapter it would most likely always be running at 100% even when it doesn't need to, this way it's controlled by the motherboard which will speed it up if temps go up. Better for the pump and better for your ears.

    I believe that kind of speed control isn't offered by all motherboard fan headers. It'll definitely be there for the CPU_FAN header, but for the other ones you should check your motherboard's manual. If it says a header transmits a PWM signal then that header is able to dynamically control fan speed, IF the fan in question is capable of receiving a PWM signal (usually this will mean a 4-pin header and a 4-pin fan).
    Otherwise, it might still be controlled dynamically by the motherboard by simply adjusting the voltage it gives to the fan. That would most likely also be mentioned in your manual.
    If the header isn't capable of that either you can usually still control fan speed through the BIOS or SpeedFan, but it won't be dynamic, ie it will run at those speeds until YOU tell it not to. That's generally fine for case fans.
  14. I think it does support PWM ( what is this :P ) , but the availability of pc accesories/components/whatever is is freaking non existant in my country , Greece ...
    Otherwise you're saying me that its perfectly fine to do this , am i right ?
  15. Yep it's completely fine.
  16. Thank you man you helped me a lot :)
  17. No problem ;)
    If you run into any issues let me know.
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