What wattage PSU do you recommend? Computer is going to be for multi-monitor use - 6 monitors. Build below:CPU: i

What wattage PSU should Computer. This computer is going to be for multimonitor use - like 6 monitors.
Build below:
CPU: i7 4770k (slightly overclocked)
Mobo: Gigabyte z97 ud3h bk - Black series
CPU cooler: Noctua Nd14
SSD: Intel 250gb SSD
HD: One sata HD
GPU: Visiontek HD5570 SFF 4-port VGA VHDCI 1 GB x16 PCIe Graphics Card
Ram: DDR3 Corsair (2x8gb) [Slightly overclocked]
6 fans, not including the two on the cpu cooler.

My total wattage guess is 350.
Then I'll add a regular GPU card on to it later.
From my knowledge and research a power supply runs optimally runs best at 50% of what it can put out.
I was thinking of putting a 750 corsair modular, overkill but when I add more monitors or another card.
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  1. Now the all monitors don't really count, unless they are getting power through the PC, which I have never heard of. They all have a power cord to a electric socket, correct? If so (its got to be), then the monitors won't be taxing the PSU.

    The current system could run fine on a quality 400W PSU. Most bad quality PSU run at about 70%. A 80+ PSU will run at 80%+ (Source).

    Now the PSU you buy now depends on the that you are going to get. Like even GTX 780 Ti SLI can run fine on a 80+ 750W PSU.

    Also, while looking for a PSU, you should go by this very useful list.
  2. Lol, someone just tell me what to buy. I'm tired of researching. Something on sale, and $70.00. I originally purchased the corsair 600m. But figured I can get a better one for the same price $70.00. Intended on returning the 600watt and get the 750watt for the same price. But now the price changed on micro center.
    So price $70 (Mail in rebates, sale w/e)
    Quality/ bang for buck
  3. What about this 80$ but I wont go any hire. It's tier one from the list. Opinions?
    Dav wouldn't that 850 be absolute overkill for my needs? 850 x .8 = 680watts/2 = 340watts at 50%
    Maybe not?
  4. If you can stretch to 80$ and don't mind the MIR, it look like a very good deal. 10 years (!!!) warranty, 80+ gold and fully modular.

    Edit: just seen that it's the older G1 model (as opposed the newer G2), not sure who's the OEM on this one... I'll get back to you in a sec.

    Edit2: After looking at a few reviews for the EVGA, its seems that the G1 is based on a much older platform. The features and price are nice, but its performance might be inferior... I'd go with the XFX personally.
  5. Yeah damn it I noticed still searching. I just want a 750 watt 80 bux. Gold standard preferred. From the tier 1 list
  6. How about the Rosewill Capstone? Very well reviewed, 750W 80+ Gold, Modular and 7 years warranty. 100$-20$ MIR.
    And what is this list you are referring to?
  7. That's not a bad one. Leaning towards it. Getting tired of looking thanks for helping. :D
  8. Best answer
    I've never heard of the only 50% real performance. In some cases that is actually true, with like the $12 300W PSU. Really, all normal PSUs above $25 get atleast 70% real performance. I could be wrong, but I have never heard of only 50% of real performance.

    Tier 1$109.99

    Tier 2 (Class A) $68.98

    Tier 3 $59.99 with $10 rebate
  9. I scooped the Rosewill it'll be straight. Thanks guys!
  10. Trosky said:
    I scooped the Rosewill it'll be straight. Thanks guys!

    No problem. If you have any more questions, let me know, and I'll be happy to help. :)
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