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Hi I am looking to buy a gaming keyboard
What is the best mechanical keyboard with mx blues that is no more than $85
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  1. Gaming keyboard=Normal keyboard with macro keys and fancy design (which are often useless)
    I use a ducky shine 2108s blues. Its build like a brick, I can prob bash my pc with it. real solid.
    It weights around 2kg
    goes on sale for 79.99
    A thermaltake posseidon does the trick too.
    But a ducky is a ducky.
  2. I use a cooler master tk quickfire. but it has browns. Still feels good.
  3. doubt you need this but just in case

    browns arent as loud as blue and still have a tactile click
  4. I recommand browns too, blues can be annoying sometimes.

    only thing i dont like is that combination of numpad and "del, end, home, page up, etc". It frustrates me sometimes when doing graphic designs when page up and down progress frames then i gotta input a value
  6. Thanks guys but I have been thinking and I'm gonna raise my budget to $100 and I was thinking if you guys can find a better keyboard then the razr black widow post a link below....... I really want mx blues/ razr switches that are green
  7. just curious, you have experience with blues right?
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  9. I'm going with the corsair one thanks everyone
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