New to Building: Will i have to set up my 2nd Hard Drive in any way?

Hi there, i'm building a computer for the first time and have what might be a very silly question. With 2 Hard Drives, do I need to do any kind of setup past designating one as a system drive?

I've purchased a Crucial M500 SSD with the intention of running my system off of it, and a WD Blue 1TB SATA HD for to put everything else on. When i'm setting up my system in BIOS, I'm assuming I can designate the SSD for system install. After I install my OS will the 1TB HD simply show up as if it were a permanent external? Is there a way to set this up more properly? Should I wait to connect the 2nd hard drive until my OS is installed on what I want my primary one to be?

Running Windows 764bit

I appreciate the assistance, and apologize for my ignorance!
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    I would install the SSD, install the operating system and updates, then install the HDD. It should be plug and play in BIOS, and with Windows, you just need to go to disk management and create a partition and format it. The HDD will appear as a second hard drive.

    I would move the libraries to the HDD (right click on them and change the "C:" to the drive letter of the HDD.
  2. if the other drive is partion and formatted it show up in the windows installer. make sure you dont install windows to it. for safty unplug the data cable to the drive. when your done installing windows turn the pc off and plug the drive data cable back in. when you boot into windows it should show up if not you have to use windows drive manager to format or give the new drive a drive letter.
  3. when doing the install you can leave the 2nd hdd out completly just to be safe. after you get all updates and install whatever you need initially, thne insert the 2nd drive. right click my computer and manage and go to disk managment to initialize the new drive
  4. Thanks so much for the speedy response!
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