Need help picking right gaming ram!

Hey guys! I am looking into building my self a gaming computer and was wondering hat ram to get, I would prefer to get 16 gbs but the one I found was $174 (Corsair Vengence) and I figured their must be a better solution! Thanks!

Ram I found:

Mother board:
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  1. just for info. huge amounts of ram really help in things like graphic design and huge renders. Battlefield 4 uses about 1.7gigs of ram while its running. If this is a gaming rig and you dont plan on getting into graphic design. you could save a good chunk of money and go with an 8gig pack. thats plenty.
  2. There's no need to buy 16GB of ram unless you're doing heavy video editing or rendering.

    8GB is enough to simultaneously run battlefield 3, photoshop, and 30 tabs in chrome.

    Also, that's a ridiculous premium to spend for ram that really isn't worth it. You can get 8GB of 1600MHz, Cas 7 ram for $89 if you buy Ripjaws X, or 16GB of 1600MHz, slower Cas 9 ram for $145 at the cheapest. 8GB of 1600MHz, Cas 9 ram is only about $75.
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    Agreed with Dark Sable

    Here are some popular options that a lot of people get



    these are 1600 speed which is the norm these days
  4. Thank you all for so so much help! you have saved me so much money!! You all rock!
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