Windows 7 - install on SSD or hybrid SSHD?

I've just built a new rig with a 2tb hybrid sshd and a 240gb ssd. I will mainly use the machine for mid-range gaming (I like FPSs, but also dig low-fi games liike FTL) but it'll also be used for some CAD and the usual email and internet futzing.

Which drive should I install Win7 64bit on? I'd assume the SSD for the OS and frequently used programs (the game-of-the-month club?) and use the hybrid for data and less-used programs; is this the optimal arrangement?

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    It's really up to you, the OS doesn't need a high IOPS drive (the ssd) for very long, basicly only during startup and patching but it still gives it a slight edge in speed over a typical harddrive or the hybrid drive. Basically it comes down to how many games/programs do you want installed on the ssd, 64bit windows will take up almost 40gigs of space on a typical install after patching so if you won't miss that much space I would say go for it. On the other hand you won't notice much of a slow-down if you install it to the hybrid drive so figure out which you perfer more, the fastest OS experience you can get or a slightly more sluggish experience with more room for programs on your ssd.
  2. I use the SSD for OS/Programs and the SSHD or other HDDs for data. If you're going to move into the dozens/hundreds of installed-games (but seldom playing them) then perhaps that SSHD would be the good starting point for those. If you find you play certain games a lot, uninstall from the SSHD and re-instal on the SSD.

    Something else to consider - if you fill up the OS SSD with games, maybe consider a second SSD - hopefully they'll continue to drop in price.

    (By the way, any high hopes for "SSD like" performance from the SSHD should be strongly tempered. That's only a relatively small cache-file for the "SSD" portion, and the HD portion is a relatively slow spinner drive.)
  3. SSD's don't do an awful lot for games. I currently have my OS on an SSD, and have a second SSD for games. However, I'll soon be putting that in to my HTPC, and buying a large hybrid for games (120gb fills up way too fast these days!!).
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