Will the Geforce GTX 760 or AMD radeon R9 270x fit physically into a ASUS H61M-K motherboard?

The title says it all......
Also please tell which Graphics Card should I buy?
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  1. Yes, it will fit. buy gtx760
  2. Proofy said:
    Yes, it will fit. buy gtx760

    Thamks proofy....
    Any reason why?
  3. Best answer
    It is 10-15% stronger, nvidia have better quality card than radeon IN GENERAL... and it can be overclocked better than 270x

    GTX 760 best brand:

    MSI = 25dbA idle / 27dbA load
    ASUS = 25dbA idle / 33dbA load
    Gigabyte = 27dbA idle / 34dbA load
    EVGA = 26dbA idle / 38 dbA load

    MSI = 29C idle / 69C load / 70C overclocked load
    ASUS = 29C idle / 68C load / 74C overclocked load
    Gigabyte = 36C idle / 68C load / 70C overclocked load
    EVGA = 33C idle / 72C load / 76C overclocked load

    Would go for MSI as the first choice then ASUS then Gigabyte/EVGA, but it's up to you (they are similar in performance)
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