supported only by cpu with integrated graphics

i found a good motherboard but it says this: supported only by cpu with integrated graphics. does that mean i cant use nvidia graphics card?
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  1. Link to board?
  2. Pretty sure that just means the on-board graphics are only available with a CPU that includes integrated graphics. As long as the board has at least one PCI-Ex16 expansion slot, you should be able to use any discrete graphics card.

    Just to be sure, though, please link the board.

    -Wolf sends

    Edit - Yes, you can use any discrete graphics card.
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    In laymens terms, what that means is:
    The motherboard has the required ports, but they only work if video is coming out of the CPU. The motherboard itself does not provide the video.
    Alternately, you can use just about any current graphics card.
  4. The link clears up a lot of things, it'll work fine, it's one of the best boards you can getz hell you can even sli or crossfire with it
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