How to run 2 different networks at a same time..??

I have 2 different networks one company network and one client network. to connect to the client servers i have to enable client net work, and to access company intranet i have to enable internal network.

also i have to change proxies every time i do this. which is a lot to time consumed.

if i enable both the networks nothing works.

i want to know if is it possible to configure ant tool/app/setting/feature so that i can use both networks at a same time with out enabling and disabling.

Always Thankful....!!!
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    I think what you're looking to do is what's called a a network bridge. I have personally never set one of these up before but I'm sure someone here has. What I do know is that creating one does come at a cost to security to the machine it's setup on.
  2. Are you trying to have simultaneous connectivity to both networks or sequential access (one after another)? Is this wired or wireless? Do you know if the two networks have different IP ranges?
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