Graphics card at 150 or under 150 that wil run BF4 on Medium-High settings 60+ fps

I was looking to upgrade my old amd radeon 6450 which is crap now and im looking for a new gpu but im also upgrading my psu to a 430w and my ram from 6 to 8 so I really need a new gpu that wont bottleneck the i5 2320 and the gpu has to be 150 or under that since im on a budget
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  1. The GTX 750 Ti will suit your upgrade both budget wise and performance wise :)
  2. What's your current PSU? The 750ti is a great card and uses very little power (also needs no auxiliary PSU connections). If you were running a radeon 6450 you might be able to run a 750ti without upgrading the PSU... but let's be sure - what's your current PSU?
  3. My current psu is like 385
  4. It'll probably run a 750ti fine without upgrade. If it is a junk-brand then its better to upgrade the PSU too. Since around 2010, the larger oems (Dell, HP) started using decent-quality PSUs in their builds (the PSUs actually output what their stickers say they should). Not saying they are great PSUs or anything, but they are capable of outputting what they state. Is this an oem or is there a brand on it?
  5. Yeah dude I have a stock dell but im planning to upgrade some parts since my pc keeps freezing and crashing everytime I play a game such as minecraft and stuff
  6. That's fine, a good PSU is a good investment. In your price range the 750ti makes sense. Just make sure your get the 750ti 2gb (the 1gb model isn't worth the lower price).
  7. SO do I upgrade my psu or keep it and will the gtx 750 2gb version bottleneck with the i5 2320?
  8. i will say upgrade your psu the stock psu is not good at all so get a 400 - 450 watt of psu . if its out of your budget then this...
  9. so should I get a 430w corsair psu? since im on budget and cant get a 500w
  10. yes u can have a corsair psu cx series that is not a product i generally recommend because its not good for oc but your processor is a locked one so you can go for it.
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    Well 6gb of ram is a strange number for a dual-channel cpu like the i5-2320 (you are using 2x2gb and 2x1gb then?). Mismatched ram can cause problems. I try to keep things simple and buy ram in matched kits (like 2 x 4gb or 4 x 2gb to give you 8gb). As far as the PSU goes, if its a >=350w Dell (probably made by Delta) then in theory it should work fine for your system, but you've mentioned crashing and other problems. The Corsair CX430 is a decent PSU within its class and price range and should work fine for you. If you want peace of mind, then upgrade your current PSU. And use that ram in matched multiples of 2 to maintain dual-channel.
  12. ok thanks
  13. You can get an EVGA 500B for $35 from Newegg after mail-in rebates.
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