2009 DuoCore graphics card update for Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Currently have Alienware 630i w/ Intel 8400 @ 3.1 GHz and 2 Nvidia GTS 240 cards in SLI config. People telling me to ditch the Nvidia SLI set up and go with something newer.

Computer is stand alone unit solely driving Microsoft Flight Simulator X with 2 monitors (24" & 19" widescreen). Windows version = Vista HP. Suggestions?

Please don't say "new computer", this one works just fine and I just want to soup it up a little.

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  1. Are you having issues running FSX with this setup? If it runs it okay, you don't need to do anything!

    If you are experiencing performance issues, you could get a new video card to replace both of them. Like a 750Ti, GTX760, or GTX770. Just double check your power supply to ensure it can handle a new card.
    Something else to consider may be to upgrade the processor to a quad core Q6600 or similar. Can probably find one on eBay or in the for sale section on the forums.
  2. It has run pretty well for many years, but lately it seems like the graphics cards are playing catch up - taking longer to fill in airplane textures, etc. 750 w power supply so plenty of juice available. It has outperformed many high end machines that are overkill for Microsoft Flight Simulator X because the program code cannot take advantage of later technology. I was really curious if I needed two new cards because of two monitors with different resolutions. Thanks for reply A_Rod!
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