Windows update [win7] Pulling my hair out!!!

Hi everybody!!

I'm fixing a laptop for my mother in law. Her old laptop gas vista and was very slow. So I decided to reformat and use a win7 install.

The installation goes flawlessly and I use windows update to get updates for the laptop. I start the updates and leave my house for about six hours, expecting that when I come back they will be done. Well it appears that it got stuck on an update and wasn't making any profess at all. I click the stop installation button but it did nothing except sit there trying to install. So I entered task manager and closed the windows update process. Windows update popped up and said that 100 something updates succeeded and that 30 something failed, and that windows needed to restart to finish installing updates. Alright. No problem right?
So windows restarts and I go back into the update. As I am searching for updates it returns error code 80246002. I type that into google and try everything listed

With a heavy sigh I decide that by canceling the update, I probably corrupted a file or something and that the best course of action would be to just reinstall windows AGAIN. So I reinstall windows and go to update, and..... SAME ERROR. There are no updates installed or anything and it is still giving me this error.

What I have tried so far--

Burning a new copy of the iso

Reinstalled windows 3x, even tried a different version, got lots of license keys laying around, same result.

Everything from that link I've posted.

I don't understand how this is happening, especially with clean installs.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your time and ideas.


Win 7 update produces error code 80246002 and can't figure out how to fix it
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    It might be to do with the hardware of the laptop not being compatible with Win 7. What are the specs?

    Have you tried

    and also
  2. First link fixed it!! Thanks
  3. You're welcome, glad it worked.
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