German Bios , Help neded

My lenovo m57p bios is in german and i don't know what to do to disable speedstep
Can someone who understands german help me??
Here are some pics i did with my phono

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  1. google the manual and change the language
  2. I tried that and seems like the only way is to flash the bios with a newer version , but i don't want to do it only to change the language cuz who knows maybe ill brick it all , that's why i though maybe someone here could translate it for me
  3. I speak a little German and I don't see a SpeedStep option on those pictures. Could you upload some more pics of the other pages in your BIOS (there are other pages right?)? I'll see if I can find a SpeedStep option.
  4. there's the advance page too , and the info page (it shows only info there so i think no speedstep in there) ill upload the advance pic then , btw thanks for helping
  5. Might as well be thorough and take a pic of both of them, you never know ;)
  6. okey ill takea pic of everything
  7. Sorry for taking so much time (i was formating someones pc) anyway heres the rest of my bios , btw what is the part that says konsolentyp ?? and can u check if theres a OC option too in my bios even though i don't think so but it does not hurt to try
  8. Konsolentyp means Console Type (German is a very creative language), it controls which character set is used by the BIOS. No sense in messing with it.

    I'm afraid there's no SpeedStep option in there, and there aren't any overclocking options either, not even a multiplier or voltage control.

    What did the guy do to you that you're formatting his HDD? :P
  9. nono i was formating my uncle laptop cuz he was not able to play games on it (i don't understand how can he play games at super low res with a integrated gpu since it sucks) anyway i asked about speedstep cuz the option turned on only after i cleaned the cmos , before it had been off dunno why , anyway i only want to turn it off cuz i want max perfomance when i play games in my pc that's why
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    Ah I understand ;)

    I'm afraid there's either no option to turn SpeedStep back off or it's hidden away somewhere. It looks like a custom BIOS so maybe giving Lenovo a call (or email) will help, they should at least be able to provide a workaround if not a complete solution.
    Your system is quite old I believe though so Lenovo may no longer provide support for it anymore.

    EDIT: One more thing, you can apparently stop SpeedStep (although it's not technically disabled) by going into the Power Options through the Control Panel and changing the Power Plan settings. Go to Processor Power Management and set the minimum and maximum to 100%. It may help, it may not, but I thought I should mention it anyway.
  11. i did that but still not working anyway thanks for your help and yup it is true this system is way too old for support im saving to build another one
  12. Alright, if you need any advice on your new build let us know!
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