Replace Power Supply? If so with what?

I've been getting some restarts lately with Kernal errors as well as some Random BSOD display driver issues. I just built this machine (first time too) a month ago. I've been told that my power supply is not up to snuff.

I've overclocked my cpu to 4.5 Ghz, but otherwise changed nothing else. Maybe the two graphics cards are just not getting enough pure power?

Also I had one of my two SSDs go invisible on me in the middle of use. I was playing World of Warcraft on my drive E and then all of a sudden it crashed and my pc no longer even showed that the drive was there. I had to reboot to fix it.

Maybe it was a power issue as well?

My overclock is stable with 48 hours of Prime 95 torture testing.

My computer use is normally around 12 hours a day, sometimes without a break so the psu will need to do well under long term load.

If my power supply is the culprit I'd love to know a quality replacement. Nothing cheap, I'm tired of having issues. Also I'd rather pay $20 more to keep the power supply short rather than long.

I think my Current PSU is 6.25 inches long.

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  1. With your overclock in place, the 850w is just not enough. I cannot speak for Thermaltake quality (good or bad) as I do not use them.

    I would suggest replacing with a Corsair or EVGA power supply. Seasonic is another popular brand on Tomshardware and they are good as well.

    Any of those would be an excellent choice. The EVGA SuperNOVA G2 is a great power supply and would definitely serve you well.
  2. I noticed some of these say SLI ready and Crossfire Ready. I liked the EVGA Supernova P2.

    but it doesnt say that on this model for crossfire which is what I use... If you follow the link I posted it does say "Ready" in the title but not in the specs. Only NVidia.
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    I would not worry about a power supply being SLi or in your case Crossfire ready or even certified. What you need to look at is amperage on the +12v rail, wattage overall, and how many PCIe connectors the unit offers. The SuperNOVA P2 has 8 PCIe connections (6x 6+2 and 2x 8 pin) which is enough to run almost any dual card setup and potentially even a 3 card rig. They have an insane amount of power (83 amps) on the +12v rail which is plenty enough for your cards and for many others should you choose to change/upgrade them anytime in the future. If you like the SuperNova P2 I'd go with it :D EVGA units are rock solid and have amazing warranties backed by quality customer support.
  4. When I upgraded I was referred to the PSU teir list. So here it is :) I went for an XFX XXX 850W which was way more than I needed but the 750W was out of stock.
  5. johnofo said:
    When I upgraded I was referred to the PSU teir list. So here it is :) I went for an XFX XXX 850W which was way more than I needed but the 750W was out of stock.

    That list is helpful but pretty out of date. Many of the current power supplies available in big box stores are not even on the list.

    Thanks for the link though! Nice to know the Supernova P2 that I got is a top tier!
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