need advice picking monitor - ~27", high text quality, low eye strain

Hi All!

I'm looking for a new monitor for daily office work. Need to reduce eye strain and have clear text, and, I'm assuming, great viewing angles. I just bought a Samsung 4k display, but my video card is a couple years old and can only push 2560x1440. Also, I've heard that this isn't the best monitor for my top priorities - although I'm tempted to get a new ATI card to try it out. So, I think I'm in the market for a 2560x1440 category.

In the, "it would be nice to have category:"

- higher quality company/products
- mountable on my ergotrons (VESA mountable?)
- newer technology

Any tips are much appreciated.

Thank You!

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    I would go with the BenQ GW2760HS. I have it and its really nice
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