MSI P55-GD80 cannot enter BIOS

I have a MSI P55-GD80 Motherboard in my computer. I have recently needed to dualboot Linux along side the original Windows 7 OS, and when I went to enter the BIOS for installation, no keystroke options appeared and after a quick (blank) black screen it boots directly into Windows (at this point i do not have Linux installed yet). I restarted and used the standard keys (F12, F2, Delete, etc.) however none enter the BIOS. Most keys enter me into Boot options, to select an OS or run a memory diagnostic, and F11 took me to Boot drive selection. Now i know these are the only things I will need to complete my Linux installation, but I still want to have access to my full BIOS.

I have also tried to boot with my hard drive unplugged, hoping to force it to enter the BIOS, but it just flashes "Enter Boot device and press enter" messages until I do. I know I have entered the BIOS before when I originally built the computer, and I do not recall selecting a quick boot option, but I do not know where or how to check.

Any suggestions on how to restore my BIOS?
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    Jump the bios reset pins on the motherboard or remove the cmos battery for longer than 5 seconds. Of course do these with the power off and unplugged or the PSU switched off.
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