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Hi all, I'm abit of a novice in networking so I'm hoping someone will be able to help prevent DDOS attacks as much as I can. I know you can't truly stop DDOS attacks I just want to try and prevent it. I play online ranked games people stoop so low they sniff your IP address on Xbox and they flood the IP they have sniffed. I imagine they use a botnet to flood my router. How can I setup or configure my router to deny this rush of packets to my router? I have a TP link w8970 router.

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    Usually your router will drop the packets from an attack like this. The problem is two fold. Usually the attacker sends so much over it can use up your internet bandwidth. The main problem is they send them so fast that it floods the processor on your router and your router simply can't keep up with trying to analyze each packet to see if it needs to be dropped or if it is legit and needs to pass. There are some services that hide you IP address as well as "watch" for a DDOS attack and can stop it with their pro gear before it reaches your router at your house. They usually charge a monthly fee.
  2. Unfortunately you really can't on your own and ISP charge lots of money to protect you with one of their firewalls. You really need to protect you IP which means you use VPN software when you connect to anything that you are concern if they obtain your IP. Whatever you do never give person you do not trust your skype id. Skype will tell them your IP even if it changes the second you connect to the skype network.

    This is like asking how you stop the idiot from calling you over and over and hanging up. Unless you get someone in power to help you there is nothing you can do.
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