AMD FX-8320 with h60 hitting 69 degrees

So i just built my self a gaming pc and i was checking the temps but i noticed that my processor temps where very high on the stock fan about 36 degrees on idle and 72 degrees on load but then i purchased a h60 and the temps barely changed on idle it stayed about 28 degrees and and load it stays at 69 degrees and even used the good thermal paste arctic silver 5 and applied with the pea method.
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  1. Bump up the H60 pump and fan speeds.

    Get rid of any overclock.

    Are these temps from bios/uefi? Are they cpu/case/pakage temp or core temp?
  2. Are you sure it's tightly secured? No wobble? You could try re applying the paste.
    Have you OCed it yet?
  3. Well, the H60 is pretty overrated, it is about as good as a Hyper 212 Evo. You may have gotten a bad chip, but I'm going to say you probably installed your cooler wrong. Before I rechecked my own 212 Evo, the temps were unchanged from the stock cooler. Make sure it's seatd correctly
  4. That's normal. Lowest end watercooling provides next to no performance increases over the mid to top end air cooled, they're just quieter. Even still, the temps are good, even your previous stock temps. Relax!
  5. The 69 degrees is the package temp the socket goes probably past 80 degrees and i have reapplied the thermal paste twice and the same temps and the chip is still on the stock clocks no overclocks. I checked temps using hw monitor and core temp.
    also the fans and the h60 are on full and the h60 is 1000% as well
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    I wouldn't worry about it! As long as it's not throttling. :)
  7. ok thanks
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