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Hi guys, I have a thermaltake chaser mk I and I would like to get 2 more case fans. I don't know how many fans the fan controller that comes with the case can support and also my motherboard can only have 4 case fans so would there be any way that I would be able to have 5 case fans and have them to be controlled by the fan controller on the case with turing LEDs on and off and making them go faster or slower? Btw the motherboard I have is the Asus sabertooth 990fx R2.0
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  1. Hi, how many plugs are there on the controller to plug in fans?
  2. celtic_warrior99 said:
    Hi, how many plugs are there on the controller to plug in fans?

    On the built in fan controller that came with the case I can plug in 5
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    You don't need more than 4 case fans trust me. Install one fan on top and one on the back as exhaust fans and other 2 in front of the case under optical drive as Intake fans (you can also do 1 on side and 1 on front if your case have a fan spot a spot for it)

    PS: your motherboard supports up to 4 fans (you can add more with extension cables but you really don't need more, also buy PWM fans for 4 pins since your motherboard support them)
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