Which PC is better? (i7 860 - 6Gb - GT 220 vs Q6600 - 4Gb - 8800GT)

Which PC is better? (please take in considiration the price, the 1st choice is easier for me)

1st PC 250$
- CPU: Intel core 2 quad Q6600 2.4ghz
- RAM: 4gb DDR2
- GPU: Geforce 8800GT
- HDD: 500gb
- PSU: 530W

2nd PC 380$
- CPU: Intel core i7 860 2.8ghz
- RAM: 6gb DDR3
- GPU: Geforce GT 230
- HDD: 500gb
- PSU: 500W

If i buy the first, i may be able to upgrade to a Radeon HD 7750 or a GTX 750 Ti.
If i buy the second, i can't upgrade the GPU.
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  1. Number 2 is better, 1 is cheaper.
  2. i want to use them for gaming, if i buy number 2, i can't upgrade the GPU and i have to stick with the GT 230 which is not able to play latest games on medium-high settings.
    But if i buy number 1 i can buy a GTX 750 Ti.

    Q6600 2.4ghz + 4Gb DDR2 RAM + GTX 750 Ti. (250$+130$=380$)
    i7 860 2.8ghz + 6Gb DDR3 RAM + GT 230. (380$)
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    Get the second one, imo.
    Yes, you won't have as good of a video card, but it's more worthwhile overall.

    The first build just isn't worth anything at all; DDR2 RAM, C2Q, probably an equally old power supply. It's not worth saving. Just everything is too old to even offer an upgrade path.

    The second build at least supports DDR3 and has a reasonable CPU. Even though you won't be able to afford a new GPU, at least you won't have to throw the whole thing out in one more year, like you'd have to with the first option.
  4. Thanks, i will do as you said and i will buy the second one
    and i hope i get enough cash to upgrade the GPU aswell :P
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