For my teenagers, should I buy a laptop with AMD A4-1200 dual-core processor vs.1.0Hz AMD-1450 quad-core processor--the quad i

What to buy?

For my teenagers, should I buy a laptop with AMD A4-1200 dual-core processor vs.1.0Hz AMD-1450 quad-core processor. The one with the dual has a table let feature and a larger screen (13.1) vs. the regular Dell laptop with a 11.6 screen and $50 cheaper.....will the quad make their work that much faster??
And what is the best way to purchase Microsoft office for multiple laptops?? Thank you
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  1. My son just started college and I bought him a ASUS T100 with a Intel Atom 3770cpu and 64G ssd. It's more powerful that the AMD laptops and it coverts to a tablet feature and weights 3 pounds. It comes with MS Office installed and product key also. It costs $300 delivered to the housed.
  2. The amd CPUs are not very great cpus at all. If they need to browse the internet and use MS office they are ok, but even then you will notice the difference.
    The quad core wont make much of any difference unless they are doing applications that will take advantage of multiple cores, and if they are using higher end programs like that then those amd cpus are going to be horrible.

    As for as office that depends on what you need. The student version of office with word/excel/power point you can get for $100 per computer. If you need outlook or access or publisher or any premium one, espcally on 3 or more systems, then you might look at the office 365 subscription with is full office pro for $100 per year for 5 devices.
  3. If just using the laptop for internet and office that T100 is a pretty decent option.
    Its main downfall is the unupgradeable 2gb of ram memory. Once agian if the use of the computer is just internet and ms office then it wont be an issue.

    EDITED: there are newer convertables with intel baytrail cpus, if you find any of those in your price range with 4gb of ram then that would be the best solution.
  4. Just as an FYI, Excel is multicore now. The extra cores do help. The 1450 is the better of the two.
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