Is 800MHz Memory clock offset too much?

I have an EVGA GTX760 that I am trying to overclock, I am overclocking using EVGA PrecisionX and benchmarking with Unigine heaven 4.0 extreme preset. After reading some articles about overclocking and some videos, I was under the impression that the highest memory clock offset realistically possible was ~400, maybe 500MHz. However I didnt get a crash in Heaven until 810 MHz offset on memory clock. So far the large increase in memory clock has given a small increase in framerate.

My question, is +800MHz memory clock offset putting the health of my GPU at risk?
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    You always start the overclock with core clock. When you achieve the highest stable core clock rate you can, then you start with the memory clock as a final tweak. Memory is usually pretty sensitive, go only a few mhz at a time with it. As you are finding out, memory speed does not have a big effect anyway.
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