Cat 6 UTP ethernet cable

hey so i just ordered the Cat 6 UTP net cable but im not sure if its good or not as ive got no idea what the heck utp is,
the cable is 20m long as it need to go from the end of my house to my room
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  1. Did you Google it?
  2. i7Baby said:
    Did you Google it?

    sure did but im not really in to it so i need someone who can explain it to me like im a deaf and blind toddler
  3. as i said i understand nothing of the wiki..
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    Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)

    Unshielded is the most common type you'll find in use. It does not have a metallic layer of shielding within the cable. Shielded cable is normally only required in severe electromagnetic interference environments. Unshielded cable is fine for home use.

    All networking cable is twisted pair cable (each of the 4 pairs are twisted together). Having the pairs twisted helps reduce/eliminate noise on the network signal.
  5. The OP won't understand that either. Too big words!
  6. well he explained it quiet well so i understood it fully.
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