Need help with possible frequency lock

So, I went ahead and overclocked my i7-4790K to 4.8 GHz @ 1.295V Adaptive, on the XMP profile. Its when I noticed how even though my PC is on idle or under minimal load, it is stuck on 4.8 GHz, and keeping the voltage at 1.295V. Im reading this off of AIDA64. Is this normal behavior? If it isn't, is it bad for my CPU and how can I resolve it? If you guys want, I can provide BIOS setting pictures for you to look at. Thanks.

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    The CPU will work at the particular frequency to which it is OCed. Since your VCore is good and assuming the system is stable with decent temps, you can very well go on with this setup as long as you like. I hope you've stress tested the system with Prime95.

    The CPU will remain at 100*the value the multiplier is set at. You can set it to say 44 and frequency would be 4.4GHz. Make sure VCore doesn't exceed 1.3 +/-0.05 for a stable system and temps aren't in the lates 70s while on full load.

    Yes its normal behaviour and isn't bad for CPU until the VCore or temps are too high. A good read:
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