Need some PSU help pertaining to a GPU.

So here's the issue; I want to plug in another R9 290 into my system but people seem to have mixed feelings with the whole PSU amount and all.

Here's my system (more or less) :

So my question is: Can i still rock this PSU with this new setup or will I have to buy a whole new one just to add this GPU? Most websites I use put me a bit under the 750 range so in theory i should be fine but many people say against it.
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  1. I would get a better power supply with higher wattage. The Corsair CX series is their low end series, and I wouldn't suggest putting it under stressful load.
  2. Damn, I was hoping not to break the bank with this. Any recomendations?
  3. All you need to know is what graphic card you have, unless you have something unusual like 6 HDs in a RAID.

    2-290s call for 1000watts.

    A good brand 900 would be safe, but 750 is pushing it.
  4. For two R9 290s, I'd be looking for a good quality 1000W.

    EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2
    A single r9 290 uses 500w inc system in full load, so a 850w would be a good call, what's your budget for a new psu
  6. Well so okay, I need a new PSU. So I'd guess 200 or below would be nice.

  7. That's a beautiful PSU. Don't think you need THAT much, but it is one of the best PSUs out there.

    The 1000W is overkill, but it's what I'd get.

    EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2
  8. Well my way of thinking is if I'm going to go 160 bucks why not got 20 more and future proof a bit?
    This is good, fully modular so helps with cable ma nagement and 1000w is nore than enough and cheap too
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    Marco Lalvay said:
    Well my way of thinking is if I'm going to go 160 bucks why not got 20 more and future proof a bit?

    I like your style, man. I like your style. :D
  11. Even sli titans don't use more than 800w so 1000w will keep you going for a while
  12. You could try if you already own the psu.
    No damage should occur if there is insufficient power.
    The R9 cards are somewhat power hungry.

    Here is a chart that gives you some idea of what you need. For cf R9-290 it says 1000w.

    The corsair CX series are merely OK, and I might be concerned about overstressing them.
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