exporting a large video file from iphone to usb flash drive

I just purchased a 32 GB flash drive and have been trying to transfer a video from the iPhone to it. The file size is 4.72 GB. Says the file size is too large for device. How can I get it to transfer?
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  1. Have you tried transferring the file to your PC first then moving it to your flash drive?
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    What is the file format of the USB stick? If FAT32, there is a 2GB max file size.
  3. Format the drive to NTFS. That should solve your problem.
  4. CompGee said:
    Format the drive to NTFS. That should solve your problem.

    That doesn't work either. My main drive is NTFS and I'm having the same problem. If you view the files on your iphone in explorer, you see it as a .MOV and in my case its 933mb single video file. When copying from that area to a folder on my PC, it shows no status then claims it transferred, you go to that folder look at the clip and it shows 0kb for a file size. You try to do it through windows importer function that pops up when you launch iTunes, it goes to 100% then states file cannot be transferred or there was an error, please retry. Doesn't matter how many time you try it will never copy. The only way I've been able to get them off my phone is to upload them to Youtube which sux because I want the full res master to burn to a DVD. Any one else have a clue on how to fix this without a Mac.
    This is where iTunes and the iPhone fail for me. They can write a software with no good instructions, tech support etcc and other people are writing programs that do what this sh*tty software from Apple should when you own their crap! So done with them, I think on my upgrade I'm going to Android.
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