Huawei 5330 not working on my Lenovo Z580 laptop

Hi all. Having recently moved to Bulgaria, I have just signed up to a 3G internet contract and got a modem to use with my devices. It is supposed to support up to 10 different devices. It's working fine on a Samsung phone, Windows 8 HTC phone, HTC One M8 phone, an aold Dell laptop running Windows 7....but on my does not work. It connects and says connected but no access to the internet. Have had all sorts of troubleshooting messages from DNS server not responding, to default gateway not found and 'no problems detected'. The laptop works fine on other wireless connections (when I use my Samsung Galaxy S2 as a portable hotspot for example). It also works when plugged in directly via USB (I think this is via LAN no?). I can only access the router via a wired connection and now - after 10 solid hours of reading and trying various suggestions via cmd prompts as well as the usual troubleshooting restarts and resets - I'm lost..and frustrated.

Presume I have a conflict somewhere between the modem and the laptop first it might have been area dependent (moving from UK to Bulgaria) but when it worked fine on my wife's laptop (also from the UK) I thought not....would be awesome if it was just a g instead on an n or something like that.
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  1. So after all that...despite this product being available in stores across europe, the geniuses at Huawei have not release Windows 8.1 drivers yet! What a bunch of morons!
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