My second hard drive is not detected

I have bought a new rig. For the hard drives, I have chose the samsung 840 evo ssd 120gb and the seagate barracuda 1tb hdd. When I have installed windows, the two hard drives were plugged and I chose to install windows on my ssd. But, now, my hdd is plugged, detected by the system, but not in the list of hard drives. Whan I need to do for that it appears on the list of hard drives?
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    It probably needs to be formatted. Depending on the version of Windows installe4d you can get there either

    (Win 7) Right-click Computer in Start Menu, click Manage, click Disk Management
    (Win 8/8.1) Right-click the start button or the start screen hint in the bottom left-corner, in the menu that comes up select Disk Management

    In Disk Management, you'll see the drives as rows across the page. Right-click the unformatted 1TB drive and create new simple volume, follow the wizard to format
  2. Thank you :)

    It worked
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