looking for monitor/tv advice

I am looking for a cheap small (22" roughly) 1080p tv with hdmi and built in freeview TV.
I am going to use this as
A) a second monitor for my pc
B) a tv

on the monitor I would display the internet (whilst gaming on the other) or would try to game across the two monitors (if the gap in the middle doesn't annoy me)

my current monitor is 21.5" (lg 22en33s) and will be the primary monitor.

so I have looked around for tv's under ~ £130 my budget maybe stretches to £150 max.

these are the 2 that I have found:

will these be good enough for the activities i have described? or would there be a better alternative?

thanks in advance
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  1. anyone?
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    They both look great and have similar specs, so I think it just comes down to which one looks better to you, and also what one has components that will last longer. I have always bought samsung televisions, and never have had any problems with them, they also always come with really nice extra features that most don't. They had some bad rep around 2010-2012 due to a lot of their monitors and televisions coming with bad capacitors, but since then they have stopped using that brand of caps and switched to a better brand. They both are true 1080p televisions though, some like my friends came at like 1049p or something weird like that and they couldn't get it to display correctly. But if it was my choice I would go with the samsung over the lg, everything that has come from lg for me just hasn't lasted as long as samsung stuff has. One of my samsung monitors gets whacked a good one by my cat everyday, and still hasn't had anything break on it.
  3. thanks for the reply, :)
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