help, Bootup screen shows super Multi DVDRewriter Drive but BIOS doesn't recognize it.what is cause(s)

I have an SATA H-L Super Multi DVD Rewriter drive that I am trying to install to a FOx Conn motherboard model 865G7MF-SHsocket 775 with Pentium D Dual Core processor.
The hard Drive is new IDE Western Digital 7,200 RPM 80 MB Cache.It is set at Cable Select.
power Unit is Kentek 400 Watt, 20/24 ATX, with 12 ATX connector and Ide Molex and SATA Connectors.
When the computer boots up it lists the Hard Drive and the DVD Rewriter ,but when I get into the BIOS, it doesn't recognize it so I can't install the OS or the Drivers.
I also can't check the BIOS because I can't find a manual that covers the BIOS setup for the motherboard model. Why in God's name would FoxConn make a motherboard and not provide a manual for it ,let alone the drivers and new BIOS? The only Manual I can use is the one for the 865G/865GV/G865P7MF .
I tried converting the DVD Rewriter to IDE but the same thing happens.
Any advice/assistance is appreclated.
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  2. Dayvy: thanks so much. I will download it and hope for the best.
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