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Hi, I live in a two story house with my family, we have cat 5 cables installed to every outlet but the output from the cat5 is a phone jack, and our router is not connected to the cat5 system, How do I use this so I can use Ethernet on the second floor
(forgive me if I use a term incorrectly)

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    First step is find the room that has all the cables in it. If its it has phone jacks the ends of the wire in the common room are likely in a special phone patch panel.

    The common way to solve this issue would be to replace the rj11 jacks with rj45 in the rooms. You would then remove the wires from whatever phone connection there is and put rj45 plugs on the end in the common room. You would plug these into a small switch. You should then be able to plug your router into a wall jack it go to the common room though the switch up to the other room.

    There are other ways depending on how many jack you want active and where you router is located in relation to the common room.
  2. Thanks! I'll look into it and try that out! When I find the place where all the phone wires are how do I connect the router to the line
  3. Many people put the router in that room...tends to be where the internet comes into the house.

    You would need a lan jack in the room the router was it. Just attach a cable between the router and that lan jack which connects it to your common room. You can then either splice the cable to the other room if you only need 1 connection or put in a small switch. I would recommend the switch.
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