Can I Used Graphic Card That Support 2.1x16 In 1.1x16 ?

Hi.. I Need Some Help.
Im Using Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 256MB 128Bit DDR3 Graphic Card and I Know That it's not Good For Gaming. I Want To Buy Radeon HD5670 1GB 128BIT DDR3 But It Support 2.1x16 PCI-E.. I want To Know If I Can Use This ? Without Encountering Any Problems ? If Not, Can You Suggest Some Graphic Card That Fits Perfectly To My CPU ? Thank You In Advance.
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    Version I assume.

    2.1 broke compatibility with 1.0a, and 1.1, because of power requirements.

    Some board manufacturers have an updated BIOS that fixes 1.1
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