HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea Dead Fan > Error - System Fan <90B>

Error on startup is System Fan <90B> gives 5sec to hit Enter to continue or shutdown.

Full Spec & Model here; http://www.notebookcheck.net/HP-Pavilion-dv7-6b51ea.70484.0.html

I have a Cooler Master U3 (full metal body 3 fan cooling pad) but that only helps with basic temps... few degrees. Gaming League of Legends on it sends CPU/GPU to 101C and i'm guessing that's just the limit of the hardware temp sensors
Usable for office work and standard definition video but bluray or gaming... might as well dip my left hand in a kettle

I've scoured the web and have found some solutions which have worked for others but not for me
The Gist; (suggested on HP forums)
-Blown compressed air into the vent
-Vacuum hose to the vent, also accompanied by using a thin cable tie wire to rotate the fan blades
-Used a needle/wire to try manually spin the fan blade a bit
-Updated BIOS and also rolled back when did not work,
- changing "fan always on" mode off and on in both BIOS update & Rollback
-Factory Reset through HP Recovery Drive

- The next option would be to open up the laptop to get to the system fan and see if dust can be cleared, also snip some plastic which blocks a vent (known design fault stated on HP Forums)
---However, this requires taking apart the entire laptop, every screw and individual component... I'm not comfortable enough to do that, the first time, with a laptop costing over a £ Grand £
--------There was this; http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c03620929 but again... Requires removing every component to do???

-Obviously, last option would be to take the laptop back to PCWorld KnowHow team and pay £££ to have it sorted. (Been 3 times already for issues, one of them was overheating graphics card)
... Costly!!!
Starting to think PCWorld sell products with known faults just to profit from their in-store KnowHow Team Service!

Rather see if anyone here has possible solutions or knows of a video guide showing in detail how to take the whole thing apart and put it back together again (which I have not found anywhere, just very basic illustrations like the pdf manual)

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  1. 101°C is extremely dangerous, that's more than boiling water. Never go over 80, preferably never over 70. You could try reapplying thermal paste to your processor. Another issue could be a total fan failure resulting in the heat.
  2. yeah the issue exactly... don't have the confidence to take apart the £1300 laptop to get to the CPU, the manual with very basic illustrations shows every component needs to be take apart, monitor, keybord/touchpad, housing, optical/hdd/mobo/etc. ALL components dismantled with a gazillion screws. Surprised that considering it's a known fault and a video or more in depths guide to dismantling it has not been made
    Unlike an older macnook which just required me to remove the bottom housing

    If it was a pc... i can do it all no issues, but mess up with this laptop, big problem, costly replacements etc

    Since the issue occurred, i do only use it for MS Office apps / web browsing at which it stays under 70C, average 62C
  3. Take it to a local computer shop, they'll do it all for you. Tell them you want new fans and reapplied thermal paste. Should be $30-$50 at most.
  4. Afraid of that answer lol, already given them over £200 in repairs total for this, £50 minimum for hardware faults x,x plus parts if required
    Even £50 for factory defaults reset which anyone can do with a 2min youtube video lol
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